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Participation of Mr. Alex Grau in the industrial meeting of Foment del Treball

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INDUSTRIAL MEETING. Challenges for value creation.

Mr. Alex Grau at the Industrial Meeting of Employment Promotion


The response of 100 companies to the current energy challenges. What energy do we need to make our industry more competitive? Presentation of results, conclusions and proposals.
Mrs. Virginia Guinda, President of the Fórum Energía Empresa, Foment del Treball.
Industrial strategies in energy matters for the improvement of competitiveness
Mr. Jesús Loma Ossorio. CEO, COVESTRO Iberia. Presidente AEQT
Mr. Ángel Cercós. CEO, CIMENTS MOLINS. Presidente CC.
Mr. Alex Grau. CEO, GRAU, S.A.

Everyone agrees to identify energy as one of the indispensable competitiveness factors for the industrial development of a territory. However, political decision-making in this area seems conditioned by the short term, without there being a clear horizon that allows planning investments and designing future industrial strategies that are highly linked to the stability of the energy supply in quantity, quality and competitive price. The economic urgency and the regulating precipitation draw an uncertain current map, and with indefinite borders that do not allow to project beyond. On the other hand, and regardless of the survival problem of current activities, industrial projects that are in operation in 2020 should be defined in the next five years.
The subject is clearly current. On the one hand, the European Commission identifies as a priority a strategy capable of attracting industrial investments to boost its economy with solid criteria and quality employment. On the other, the climatic and environmental objectives established by the same institution seem to contradict, even partially, the industrial commitment. Meanwhile, the State’s energy policy does not seem sensitive to that situation, whose urgency is most evident if an international vision is adopted, and the different energy conditions in which our competitors operate and manufacture are taking place in the global market.
In this session we have a double objective, on the one hand, will present the results of the survey carried out, from the FORUM ENERGY, to 100 companies, on what are their strategic alternatives to ensure competitiveness in the short, medium and long-term. On the other, we will know the business vision of energy from three industrial sectors that are representative of our business fabric: the chemical, cement and textile sectors.
It is about tackling the energy challenge linked to the promotion of industrial activities that generate value added in the territory, with a perspective that exceeds the immediacy and allows to draw an optimal scenario to move towards sustainable industrial growth and sustainable development.



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