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We are able to do dyes and finishings for fabrics of any type of fibers (animal, vegetable, artificial, synthetic and their mixtures, recycled, organic) and with any finishing for the fashion industry.

APPLICATIONS: Shirts, pants, coats, dresses, swimsuits … for men, women, children …

DYES: Able to make all types of dyes (both continuous and discontinuous) and we work with any type of fibers and with all their possibilities.

FINISHINGS: all types of finishes: thermofixing, softening, oldie, tumbled, airo, brushing, sueding, raising, shearing, ironing, decatizing, KD, calendered, cirée, crushed, sanforized, crash transfer, sponging-vaporized, and chemical finishing’s as : waterproof, teflon, anti-stains, fireproof and flame retardant, sanitized, breathable, antistatic, among others