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Experts in dyeing and finishing technical fabrics, for very diverse applications:

Here, more than ever, it is essential to have rigorous controls throughout the entire process, to ensure the highest quality and safety in all the products. Our clients trust our professionalism and commitment to meet the required specifications.


We work on the dying and finishing of a wide variety of protective fabrics, for different risks existing in certain work environments (fire, heat, splashes of molten metal, ultraviolet light, electrostatic charges, etc.) always adapting to the existing regulations and always ensuring a maximum comfort and mobility.

Therefore, we work with special fabrics and processes to meet the following characteristics:

  • Fireproof protection
  • Antistatic protection
  • Impermeability
  • Chemical protection: antacid propieties and oil repelency
  • Great resistance to traction, al tearing and abrasion
  • High visibility
  • Thermal insulation: proteccion from extrem cold an heat
  • Transpirability


We work on the dyeing and finishing of hygienic fabrics with virucides/antibacterial properties and for different applications (for example: hygienic growns and masks).

Always ensuring the compliance with the last standards and certifications.

Regarding the masks, we work with all types of fabrics, ensuring always the following characteristics:

  • Virucides/Antibacterial: prevent the proliferation of virus and bacteria
  • Breathable: to allow good breathability
  • Water repelent: both with FC and fluorine free
  • Reusable: they keep propieties intact for up to 70 washes

Partnership with HEIQVIROBLOCK


We work on dyeing and finishing of upholstery for the house (sofas, armchairs…) and for automotive and public transport (Renfe, FGC, Iberia, transmediterranea…) ensuring always the maximum comfort and the desired properties for the client.

  • Fireproof protection
  • Water repelent