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What do we do Leading company in textile dyeing and finishing of fabrics since 1868

  • Dyeing

    All kind of dyeing processes for fabrics that belong to our customers, both continuous and discontinuous. All kind of fibers: animal, vegetable, artificial, synthetic and their mixtures. Grammages from 60 to 600 grams per square meter.

    Trained to serve product of any level of production, with any type of finishing.

  • Finishing

    Washing, fulling, desizing, singeing, mercerizing, caustification, thermofixing, softening, oldie, tumbled, airo, brushing, sueding, raising, shearing, ironing, continuous and discontinuous decatizing, KD, calendered, cirée, crushed, sanforized, crash transfer, sponging-vaporized, and chemical  finishings as : waterproof, teflon, anti-stain, fireproof and flame retardant, sanitized, breathable, antistatic, silicone, and so on.

    In fabrics type/composition as drapery, wool fabric, shirt fabric, technical fabric, techno, upholstery, children’s, cotton, linen, tapestry.

    Specialists in fashion and technical fabrics.

  • R & D

    Company associated to Centro Tecnológico AITEX (AITEX Technological Center)

    UNE 166002 standards along with the Leitat Technology Centre.

    ECUVal. European R & D project for water discolouration with U.P.C. (so, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia).

    Grau, S.A. participates in the ECUVal project, a new treatment for water discolouration after the dyeing processes, in order to obtain environmental benefits and a greater efficiency of the resources.

  • Quality Control

    We inspect our Clients fabrics in compliance with the standards that our customers and the market place to us.

    Possibility of control piece by piece of each set, with its inspection sheet indicating defects and traceability (demerit point system).

    Laboratory studies, as : colour lab-dips, shrinkage, solidity, (water, acid sweat, alkaline sweat, saliva), PH, pilling, (Martin Dale, Pilling Box, Pilling Drum), resistance/endurance, seam slip, colour differences (selvedge-center) and so on

  • Warehouse

    Warehouse for logistics, preparation and storage of all types of fabrics (mainly grey), preparation of sets, storage control, review and control of the grey fabrics at the reception, to check if it conforms to the client’s standards.

  • Preparation

    Desizing, singeing, fulling, carbonizing, bleaching, mercerising, caustification, singeing, washing.

    (Drying, milling, carbonized, (ginning) preparation, bleaching, mercerising, singeing.)


Sustainability Responsibility and Innovation

R+D Environmental Projects

Grau, S.A. Participates in the ECUVal project, a new treatment to discolour waters after dyeing processes, in order to obtain environmental benefits and efficiency of resources.

The ECUVal project is an ecological technology based on an innovative system that combines electrochemical techniques with UV irradiation for the treatment of waste water from textile dyeing and subsequent reuse of treated effluents

Accreditations These are some of the accreditations we’ve got. That show Grau, S.A. as a leader company in textile dyeing and finishing fields.

  • Gots

  • GRS

  • Join Life

  • OEKO-TEX 100

  • Clear to Wear

  • Ready to Manufacture

  • Green to Wear

  • Textiles de Confianza

  • Mango

  • M&S

  • CCRS Aitex

  • Next

  • Tencel

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