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We are constantly committed to innovation, as a key to differentiation and as an engine of the present and the future. Innovation is essential to reinvent ourselves and continue to offer competitive advantages to our customers.

  • Search of new finishes
  • Improvements of technical performances
  • Incorporation of new procedures and sustainable products
  • Innovation and research in new procedures and types of dyes

Some of our R&D partners:

Some of our R&D projects:

ECUVal project:

R&D European project for water discoloration with the U.P.C

Grau, S.A. participates in the ECUVal project, a new treatment for water discoloration after dyeing processes, in order to obtain environmental benefits and greater resource efficiency.

The ECUVal project is an ecological technology based on an innovative system that combines electrochemical techniques with UV irradiation for the treatment of wastewater from textile dyeing and subsequent reuse of treated effluents.

SOLPLATEX project:

Development of innovative textile products of high added value through the application of plasma treatments and advanced finishes based on nanotechnology.

Project in collaboration with different companies: DOGI, HENKEL or MARINA TEXTIL and with LEITAT’s coordination. Subsidized with FEDER funds from the EU.

SEILA project:

New Technologies for an efficient, ecologic and intelligent washing system for the future.

Project in consortium with different companies: FAGOR, LGAI, Industrias Químicas del Ebro. Project CENIT, CDTI funds.

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