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Our PILLARS of sustainable development:


  • 100% of our consumed energy comes from a renewable origin
  • We have a +2.000m2 photovoltaic panels instalation, for self-consumption
  • We generate and export green energy thanks to a high-performance cogeneration motor, equivalent to 90% of our global needs

  • Electric energy efficiency: LEDs, frequency converters, high-efficiency engines
  • Gas energy efficiency: Automatic process control, air and combustion regulation in burners, intelligent renovation extraction
  • Steam energy efficiency: High-efficiency boiler, condensate recovery, automatic drains, burner with combustion air control
  • Energy efficiency compressed air: Variable air generator with frequency converter, consumption control, accumulators, dryers
  • Energy efficiency Water: 100% Recovery of cooling water, 100% recovery of hot water from cogeneration, consumption control, rationalization of processes. Reuse of intermediate process water and recycling of waste water


  • Wastewater treatment station
  • Automatization and monitorisation of processes
  • Manteinance of an ecological flow in the Ripoll river and construction of a fish stairs

  • WWTP (Wastewater treatment plant) of high physicochemical+ biological efficiency + tertiary treatment
  • Recirculation of 30% of purified water
  • ECUVAL:  innovative treatment to discolor water after dying processes, with the aim to obtain environmental benefits and resource efficiency: Savings between 70-100% water, saving up to 100% salt, reducing the use of chemicals in the WWTP, reducing the footprint of carbon, between others.


  • Reuse of waste from the WWTP as composting
  • Segregation at source of waste and program to minimize the use of paper
  • Reuse of fabrics, packaging and cardboard

  • Participation in the circular economy project (waste recovery) VALRESTEX promoted by the Gremi de Fabricants and TEXBIO – Texfor, with the technical collaboration of Eurecat


  • New fibers, new sustainable fabrics
  • Use of safe and sustainable quimical products
  • Automatic dye and auxiliaries dispenser

We are certified by the main standards, that certify a responsible, sustainable and quality management across the whole production process. We promote the use of sustainable fibers (natural origin, organic, renewable, biodegradable, recycled), and control and assure a better use of quimical products along the whole process: