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Certificate GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard.

Certificate GRS – Global Recycled standard.

Certificate JOIN LIFE of the INDITEX group.

Certificate OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

Committed to sustainability and the environment in our production process:

WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Station) of high physicochemical + biological efficiency + tertiary treatment + ECUVal.
Maintenance of an ecological flow in the Ripoll River agreed with the Wild Waters Authorities.
Construction of a fish scale for the continuity of the fish movement agreed with the Wild Waters Authorities.
External energy evaluation.
High-performance cogeneration
Electric energy efficiency: LEDs, frequency variators, high-efficiency engines, and so on.
Gas energy efficiency: Automatic control of processes, regulation of air and combustion in burners, intelligent extraction of renewal, and so on.
Steam energy efficiency: High-efficiency boiler, condensate recovery, automatic vacuum cleaner, burner with combustion air control, and so on.
Energy efficiency compressed air: Variable air generator with frequency variator, consumption control, accumulators, dryers, and so on.
Energy Efficiency Water: Recovery of cooling water, consumption control, rationalization of processes, and so on.
Reuse of intermediate process water (exploitation of both water and temperature).
Recycling of wastewater.



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Smoke filters in stenter frames.
Manufacturing processes automation and monitoring.
Automatic dyeing and auxiliary product dispensers.
Courses of awareness in sustainability.
Manufacture based on sustainability, responsibility and respect for the environment.
We aware about management of waste and energy, we believe in ecology and we bet on it. We believe in people. This spirit has made us leaders in our sector. Highly committed to quality as a tool to achieve our goal, which is our customer’s satisfaction.

Committed to service and quality innovation. New fibers, new fabrics, new solutions, versatility, fashion, guarantee, commitment. Department of R & D, quality control at the reception of the fabric, quality control in intermediate processes, traceability, quality control, final product, continuous improvement of methods.

KODAK Digital Still Camera



GRAU, S.A. has received an aid of 95,640€ for its energy saving and efficiency project “Application of energy technologies to a textile finishing industry” through the INSTITUTE OF DIVERSIFICATION AND ENERGY SAVING(IDAE), aid co-financed by the European Union through the 2014-2020 Intelligent Growth FEDER Operational Program. The objective of the project is the automation of the dyeing and finishing equipment, and the optimization of the combustion of the steam generator. This action has cost GRAU, S.A. to carry out an investment of 318.800 €.